Now Accepting Submissions—Winter 2019

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the Winter 2019 issue. Please send us your dark fiction, poetry, and art!

More information about submission guidelines and deadlines can be found on our Submissions page.

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Thank you so much for your continuous support!

Victoria Elghasen & Michelle Baleka


Volume IV | Summer 2019—Now Live

Volume IV is now live! Click here to read the latest issue.

A huge thank you to all of our contributors and readers for continuing to support us on our literary journey. We hope you enjoy Volume IV!

Contributors: Aremu Adams Adebisi, Anne Bazarnic, Tiffany Belieu, Jakub Beralski, Robert Beveridge, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, lenora cole, Emma Croker, Jason Fisk, Kate Garrett, Kristin Garth, Kateri, James Knight, Courtney LeBlanc, Annabel Mahoney, Emmanuel Ojeikhodion, Simon Perchik, Noelle Schmidt, L.B. Stringfellow, Micaela Walley, Jennifer Wilson, Bonnie E. Carlson, Jack Caulfield, Bill Cook, Toshiya Kamei, Kuzuha Makino, Prisha Mehta, Phil Mershon, Ron Riekki, Holly Ann Shaw, Chris Beckitt, C.R. Smith, Bill Wolak, and Christopher Woods.

Volume IV – Submissions Closed

Submissions for our Summer 2019 issue are closed.

Any submissions received during this time will be considered for the Winter 2019 issue, but will not be reviewed until our next submission period (beginning in July).

We would like to thank everyone who sent us submissions. All responses should be sent out within the next 1-2 weeks.

For those who have already received acceptance emails, we thank you for your contributions and eagerly anticipate sharing your work with the world this May.

Victoria Elghasen & Michelle Baleka


Volume III | Winter 2018—Now Live

Volume III is now live! Click here to read the latest issue.

A huge thank you to all of our contributors and readers. You have made the magazine’s one-year anniversary truly special. We hope you enjoy Volume III!

Contributors: Anne Casey, Tiana Coven, Elizabeth York Dickinson, Kristin Garth, Tara Lynn Hawk, Elisabeth Horan, Patricia Hughes, Seth Jani, Kayla King, Rebecca Kokitus, Tucker Lieberman, DS Maolalai, Sara Matson, Noelle Schmidt, Yi Wu, Meagan Arthur, James Ezra, Olivia Fitzsimons, Emily Murman, Charlotte Newman, Rachel Newsome, Logan Noble, Val Rigodon, M. Stone, Robin White, Chris Beckitt, Lily Bell, Phantasmagothica, Fabrice Poussin, C.R. Smith, Christopher Woods, and Jim Zola.

Volume II | Summer 2018—Now Live

Volume II is now live! Click here to read the latest issue.

Many thanks to our beloved contributors and readers for making this possible. We hope you enjoy Volume II!

Contributors: Ray Ball, Robert Beveridge, Valentina Cano, Wanda Deglane, Rachael Gay, Tim Goldstone, J. Blake Gordon, Jenny Keto, Mateo Lara, Jennifer Lothrigel, Caleb Lovelace, Ben Nardolilli, Terese Mason Pierre, Erin Pulsipher, Tom Reed, Lauren Suchenski, Thomas Zimmerman, Erik Bergstrom, Philip Berry, Cristina Bresser, Amy Freeman, David Hartley, Abi Hynes, RB Kelly, Kat Monnin, Dan Nielsen, Andrea Salvador, Rahul Shirke, Yael van der Wouden, Carolina VonKampen, Chris Beckitt, Harshal Desai, Fabrice Poussin, and CR Smith.