Submissions for our FINAL volume are now CLOSED.

  • Maximum 8,000 words for prose fiction. We will accept a maximum of two flash fiction pieces under 1,000 words each. You may submit a maximum of four poems per submission.
  • No submissions previously published in other magazines/journals. Submissions that appear on personal blogs/social media are acceptable, however we ask that you update the work stating that it’s been published in the current issue of Déraciné. Please read the copyright information section below for more information.
  • You may submit simultaneous submissions, but please let us know that it is a simultaneous submission. If your submission is accepted at another publication, please inform us immediately.
  • Please read our “About” page and our first issue before submitting work to get an idea of the literary themes that Déraciné is looking for. We welcome most creative concepts, but please do not send erotica.
  • Response times may vary. Generally, we will get back to you in less than a month. However, response times may be sooner or later depending on the work and how much we receive.
  • Please do not send more work until you have received a response. After you’ve received a response, you are free to send in more work.
  • Work sent after the specified deadline will be considered for a future issue. We may also take much longer to respond to any work sent after a specified deadline.
  • We expect work to be fairly polished upon submission. Please note that some edits may be made to accepted submissions. However, please do not send submissions that would require heavy rewriting or corrections.
  • Please DO NOT submit your work in the plain text box. Instead, attach a Word document or .pdf of your submission. Poems and flash fiction should be compiled into one Word document. We will only accept submissions as Word documents or .pdf files.
  • Please attach a cover letter with your submission and include a brief bio within the cover letter.
  • You MUST send submissions to the email address shown below. Any submissions sent through the website contact form or elsewhere will not be considered.


thank you for your support


We accept artwork submissions and consider them for the cover illustration as well as featured art within the magazine. We’re looking for art that is dark and represents themes of beauty and decay. Creativity in expressing these themes is ideal.

Artwork submitted after the deadline will be considered for future issues. Maximum five pieces of art per submission. We ask that you do not submit more work until you have received a response.

We accept digital and/or traditional illustrations and photography. Artwork must be provided as a .png or .jpg/.jpeg filetype.

You may only submit artwork created by you, the artist.


By sending us your work, you agree to grant us first electronic rights of the work upon acceptance. This means that we have the rights to the first or original publication of the work, which allows you to publish the work elsewhere (such as an anthology or collection) under the condition that you acknowledge the work was first published with Déraciné.


Please note that we do not provide monetary compensation to contributors at this time. We are currently working toward raising funding in ways that do not require writers to pay submission fees, so that we may be able to pay contributors in the future.

If you have any questions regarding submissions, please feel free to contact us.