Volume VIII | Summer 2021—Now Live

Volume VIII is now live! Click here to read the latest issue.

We are deeply thankful to our contributors and readers for your support. Without you, Déraciné would not be possible. We hope that you will stay safe and healthy this summer.

Contributors: Robert Beveridge, Laura Stringfellow, Marie Fields, Chris Blexrud, Sydney Faith, AD Knoss, Jana Bauk, Michael Russell, Richard LeDue, Shiksha Dheda, Eli Dunham, Claire Loader, Goddfrey Sue Hammit, Scott Hermanson, Elisa Subin, Timothy Johnson, Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi, Aron Brown, Valerie Wayson, Talya Jankovits, Kyle Hemmings, Wayne Wolfson, T.W. Selvey, and JJ D’Onofrio.

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